The music on this website has an impact. For some, it brings up buried memories or emotions. For others, it feels like we are being propelled forward. We might start feeling stronger physically and emotionally. Or we may have new ideas. Even when we are experiencing positive impacts, we may feel challenged. Relationships might start changing. Our self-concept might shift. We might be suddenly ready to do more, and that might scare us.

The music is potent and could be therapeutic, so its use should be monitored. For example, if a certain piece or movement is truly freaking us out, we might back off a little and try again later. For the people we have worked with, there has been no need to stop listening to the music, but we can’t evaluate that for you. If you are caretaking someone using the music, and it causes them too much distress, you need to look at that carefully to see whether it is damaging the person or doing its job. Hopefully, you will know that within the first 21-day trial period. But for most of us, it has been very helpful and transformative.


People may hit big challenges in their experience with the music, but ultimately these challenges need to be faced, if we want to progress, and that’s what counseling is for. Here are some symptoms we have seen that indicate that the music is actually working, but perhaps the progress is making us uncomfortable:

  • I don’t want to listen anymore, and I come up with excuses.
  • I don’t want to get started.
  • I have had a great reaction to listening to a song or two, but now I don’t want to listen anymore.
  • I’m too busy to go on.
  • I’m bored.
  • I feel stressed when listening.
  • I feel sadness and I’m not sure why.
  • And more….

These reactions could be a clue that you need support. That support could be counseling, which is why we have contracted with Beth Green to be available to provide intuitive counseling for you. Beth is not only the channel for the music, she is an amazing counselor with over 40 years of experience working with individuals, couples and groups. She would be able to help you sort out your reactions to the music.

Sign Up for Stream Counseling with Beth Green

Or you may prefer to get counseling from someone outside of The Stream, someone else you trust. Either way, that could be a great idea for you. Other support could be our free online support forum, where you can share your experience and wisdom and where you can also ask others for support with your reactions. Another support could be one ½ hour coaching session a month with James, which is included with all supporting memberships of $50/month. You are entitled to two coaching sessions with James a month with a sustaining membership of $100/month or more. Higher levels of donations bring with them time with Beth either in groups or in private, depending on the level of your donation. See the Memberships & Donations page for all the details on these benefits.

We have also had great success with retreats and groups where we use the music and process people’s feelings during the events. So far, they have been very transformational. We’ll post upcoming groups on this website on the home page and under events.

If you are interested in doing paid counseling with Beth, please schedule yourself using her appointment calendar right here.

Payments are made to The Stream, but they are not tax deductible because they are fees for service. If you are looking for coaching with James, you can use this appointment calendar, as well. Coaching sessions are free, and they are available to people who have paid memberships.

If you want more information about Beth’s counseling, you can look at her personal website,

When in doubt, consider giving counseling a try so you can see if support doesn’t help you move through your blocks, resistance or even “backlash,” which is when we move backward temporarily because of our progress.